Trouw Nutrition International

Maxim is the exclusive licensee of Trouw Nutrition International, which is the world’s largest livestock feed producer with 35% share of the world’s livestock feed produced. Our strong distribution network and technical know-how makes us uniquely qualified to represent Trouw on national scale. Maxim offers Trouw’s feed additives and supplements imported that are being used at some of the largest farms in Pakistan.

World Wide Sires – Genetics

Since 2013, Maxim has been the exclusive distributor in Pakistan, of the world’s largest genetics company: World Wide Sires (WWS). The leading exporter of US livestock semen, WWS boasts 2600 pedigree bulls on its roster, the largest count in the world.

Selected Seeds and S&W – Seeds

In 2014 Maxim signed an agreement with Selected Seeds, a company based in Australia, for Rhodes Grass Seed. This fodder crop is fast gaining popularity in Pakistan and the Middle East.

The same year Maxim gained another exclusive distributorship with S&W seed company, USA, for Alfalfa seeds. S&W is America’s largest exporter of Alfalfa seeds in the world.

We are marketing Alfalfa seeds as AlfaMax and Rhodes Grass seeds as RhodMax.

Artex – Barn Solutions

Maxim has been associated with Artex as its exclusive distributor since 2013. Artex is a Canadian company set up in 1974, with manufacturing plants in Canada and China. It is a one window solution for barn management with quality that is as close to the pasture as possible.

Maxim occupies a unique position across the agri industry of Pakistan

Our focus is to increase the economic well-being of the farmers.

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