World Wide Sires – Genetics

Since 2013, Maxim has been the exclusive distributor in Pakistan, of the world’s largest genetics company: World Wide Sires (WWS). The leading exporter of US livestock semen, WWS boasts 2600 pedigree bulls on its roster, the largest count in the world.

Artex – Barn Solutions

Maxim has been associated with Artex as its exclusive distributor since 2013. Artex is a Canadian company set up in 1974, with manufacturing plants in Canada and China. It is a one window solution for barn management with quality that is as close to the pasture as possible.

Selected Seeds and S&W – Seeds

In 2014 Maxim signed an agreement with Selected Seeds, a company based in Australia, for Rhodes Grass Seed. This fodder crop is fast gaining popularity in Pakistan and the Middle East.
The same year Maxim gained another exclusive distributorship with S&W seed company, USA, for Alfalfa seeds. S&W is America’s largest exporter of Alfalfa seeds in the world.
We are marketing Alfalfa seeds as AlfaMax and Rhodes Grass seeds as RhodMax.

Maxim occupies a unique position across the agri industry of Pakistan

Our focus is to increase the economic well-being of the farmers.