Why should I purchase semen from Maxim?

Maxim is the exclusive distributor of World Wide Sires (WWS). WWS is world’s leading cattle genetics marketing organization representing the majority

of the U.S. Artificial Insemination Cooperatives.

What is the difference between conventional & sexed semen?

Conventional Semen: Male & female cells concentration has not been altered

Sexed Semen: Semen straw has minimum of 88% female cells in the straw

Does Maxim provide information on bulls?

Maxim reproduces the international bull ranking and trait data 3 times every year as they are released.

Why should I opt for artificial insemination (AI)?

Artificial Insemination offers many benefits including but not limited to;

Genetic improvement

Increased weaning weight.

Increased calf crop uniformity – more calves can be born at the same time, and also sired by closely-related bulls.

Increased herd productivity – including improvements in the “quality” of retained replacement heifers, early identification of reproductive problems, and collection of performance data for future breeding/culling decisions.

Increased reproductive performance – earlier-calving cows have a longer period of time to rebreed, and proven low birthweight AI can reduce calving difficulty.

Reduced bull costs – costs to purchase and maintain bulls should be lower, since fewer are needed for previously-inseminated cows.

Does artificial insemination in buffaloes yield the same result as in cows?

Artificial Insemination in buffaloes is much difficult than in cows since the animal does not show visible heat signs easily.

Does Maxim also provide Artificial insemination services?

No, Maxim only deals in semen import. However our DVMs in the team do supervise the process upon client request.

What are the categories of semen Maxim provides?
  • Entry conventional
  • Elite Conventional
  • Entry level sexed
  • Elite Level Sexed
Wahab Dairy Farms
Wahab Dairy Farms
The risks and fraudulent incidents associated with artificial insemination are known to all. But Maxim delivered what was promised, my cows gave birth to healthy calves with higher percentage of female.
Naseeb Dairy Farms
Naseeb Dairy Farms
Since my association with Maxim, I have always found that the team has my farm’s best interests at heart. They are practical and objective in their approach which has helped me do better business.
Faraz Dairy Farms
Faraz Dairy Farms
Thanks to Maxim products, my farm’s milk production has increased dramatically. The cows look healthier and have adjusted well to the feed.


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