What is Glucolac & when it should be fed to animals?

Glucolac is glycogenic energy source recommended for animals in transition period. The formula helps reduce effects of negative energy balance (NEBA) and supports liver function.

To know more about Maxim’s Minerals call our MaxTech Adviser.

2. What is recommended dosage of Glucolac?

The recommended dosage of Glucolac is;

100 – 200 gram – For dry cows

200 to 500 gram after calving

What is Sprayfo?

Sprayfo is a specially formulated calf milk replacer. The high quality ZERO FIBRE product has been imported from Trouw nutrition (TNI), Netherlands.

What is the recommended feeding plan for Sprayfo?

Call our MaxTech Advisor to know about the exact feeding plan for Sprayfo.

Does Maxim offer other calf milk replacers?

No, but Sprayfo has following ranges;

  • Sprayfo Blue
  • Spray Blue High Energy
  • Spraygfo Royal
  • Sprayfo Vitesse
What is a toxin binder?

The binders attach themselves to the mycotoxin in animal’s body stopping them from being absorbed in the blood.

What is TOXO?

TOXO is a highly recommended dual action toxin binder that saves your animal from the harmful effects of aflatoxins.

Wahab Dairy Farms
Wahab Dairy Farms
The risks and fraudulent incidents associated with artificial insemination are known to all. But Maxim delivered what was promised, my cows gave birth to healthy calves with higher percentage of female.
Naseeb Dairy Farms
Naseeb Dairy Farms
Since my association with Maxim, I have always found that the team has my farm’s best interests at heart. They are practical and objective in their approach which has helped me do better business.
Faraz Dairy Farms
Faraz Dairy Farms
Thanks to Maxim products, my farm’s milk production has increased dramatically. The cows look healthier and have adjusted well to the feed.


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