What products are recommended for milk Increase?
  • Milk Max plus
  • Milk Max
  • Buff max
  • Dairy Pallet
  • Sona Supreme
  • HYF
What products are recommended for meat Increase?
  • Meat Max
  • Mutton Max
  • Fat o Fat
Why should I chose MilkMax?

MilkMax is excellent for fulfilling the dietary requirements of lactating animals with high digestibility rate; this product is suitable for both cows and buffaloes.

What is the Crude Protein ratio in Maxim products?

The Crude Protein (CP) ratio in all Maxim products lies between 18- 21.

Are there any products for buffaloes?

Buff Max is carefully manufactured feed for buffaloes. This product is ideal for milk increase in the animal.

What should be the feeding plan of animal?

The feeding plan recommendations are made on the basis of animal’s dry matter requirement, days in milk, lactation stage and the milk they produce. To know the exact feeding plan for your animals call our MAXTECH adviser now

Does Maxim offer products for sheep and goats?

Maxim offers Mutton Max, a perfect blend for sheep and goats.

What is the cost of feeding per animal?

The cost of feeding per animal will depend on its feeding plan. Call our MAXTECH adviser to get help

What should I feed the animal before and after calving period?

After calving if the cow udder is in good health then you can feed Maxim’s milking brands according to the animal’s milk production

Note: A healthy animal in calving should have body condition score of 3.25 to 3.50. Calving difficulties can lead to mortality. To know about better animal care call our MAXTECH adviser now

What are the signs of healthy cows during lactation period?

A healthy cow during lactating period must have a body condition core of 2.25 to 3.

A healthy animal has higher conception rate and increased milk production

What is the recommended method of using Maxim feed?

It is recommended to use the feed in dry form with or without fodder.

Can I use MeatMax for both large and small animals?

MeatMax is a specialized product for large animals. For sheep and goats we have introduced MuttonMax that caters to smaller animals’ nutritional needs.

What does the Halal stamp on Maxim Feed indicate?

It indicates that Maxim Feed is free of all types’ animal proteins.

What are the possible sources of toxins in feed?

Toxins in a feed can be the result of;

  • Poor quality of raw materials
  • Poor storage condition of feed
  • Poor Processing conditions
  • Poor or no quality checks on feed
How does Maxim ensure the quality of its feed?

Maxim has a strong quality assurance process. Our team of experts is involved in every step of manufacturing. We do this by ensuring the following;

  • Strong checks & balances from Raw to Finish Goods
  • Spot checking & batching error report formation
  • Packing of finish goods
  • Strict Storage standards of Raw Material & finish goods
What are the consequences of over feeding of concentrate in animals?

Over feeding can lead to ACIDOSIS in animals leading to decrease in milk production.

What is the average conversion time of animals to Maxim Feed?

The average time for an animal to covert to maxim feed is 7 days.

Maxim conducts extensive trials for farmers. If you are interested in a Maxim Feed trial, call our MaxTech Advisor.

What are the requirements for becoming Maxim’s distributor?

If you are interested in becoming Maxim’s distributor, call our MaxTech Advisor now. Basic requirements for distribution rights include;

  • Exclusivity of Maxim products
  • No current distributor in that tehsil
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 300 Bags
  • Relevant experience in the field
What are the requirements for becoming Maxim’s dealer?

If you are interested in becoming Maxim’s dealer, call our MaxTech Advisor now. Basic conditions for dealership include;

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 70 bags
  • No exclusivity of products
Wahab Dairy Farms
Wahab Dairy Farms
The risks and fraudulent incidents associated with artificial insemination are known to all. But Maxim delivered what was promised, my cows gave birth to healthy calves with higher percentage of female.
Naseeb Dairy Farms
Naseeb Dairy Farms
Since my association with Maxim, I have always found that the team has my farm’s best interests at heart. They are practical and objective in their approach which has helped me do better business.
Faraz Dairy Farms
Faraz Dairy Farms
Thanks to Maxim products, my farm’s milk production has increased dramatically. The cows look healthier and have adjusted well to the feed.


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