Aflatoxin feed

Aflatoxin feed contamination: what you need to know

Written May 9, 2016 By Ann Reus for Mycotoxin found mostly in Asia is a carcinogen and can harm animals and humans Although several other mycotoxins are more common in crops around the world, aflatoxin poses a significant threat and should not be ignored, according to Dr. Timothy Jenkins, product manager at Biomin. Deoxynivalenol (DON), fumonisin (FUM)… Continue reading

Europe Feed Market

Europe’s animal feed sector looks to harness potential

Written June 29, 2016 By Jackie Linden for FEFAC, FEFANA examine ways to meet current and future challenges to the EU livestock sector In June, two of the animal feed organizations in the European Union came together to host a high-level conference in Brussels. Attended by 170 delegates representing the European Commission, feed industry, academia and… Continue reading

Animal Feed

Top 28 European animal feed companies

Written June 28, 2016 By Jackie Roembke for Compared with the production growth seen in emerging markets, Europe’s compound feed volumes have remained nearly stagnant in recent years. However, some EU feed-producing companies and farmer cooperatives have grown, either organically or due to acquisitions or expansion beyond their borders. (more…) Continue reading